$14.00 USD

Lunch & Learn: Discover your Niche, Determine your Categories and Get Ready to Start your Blog!

1 Hour Workshop for Beginner Bloggers

What You'll Learn

  • We will walk you through how to find topics that you can successfully blog about, ensuring your ideas are well defined and that you have a clear picture of your "reading avatar".
  • At the end of this workshop you will have 3-5 clear content pillars identified, as well as the confidence and forward momentum to take the next steps of setting up and growing your blog with content that will resonate with your target audience.

What to Expect

 Focused Sessions: Each session is carefully curated to address a specific topic, ensuring that you receive targeted guidance and actionable steps to move forward with confidence.

 Expert Guidance: We have navigated the blogging world and found success and we want you to as well. So we are sharing our insights, tips, and strategies to overcome common challenges and maximize your blog's potential.

 Convenient Timing: Perfect for busy individuals, our Lunch & Learn sessions allow you to invest in your blogging journey without disrupting your daily schedule. Spend your lunch break gaining valuable knowledge and inspiration to fuel your passion.

*This is a previously recorded event